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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello all you people who I know all over the world. If you are taking the time to read this far, Then I say Thank You for caring. Now, I am asking some of you for a favor. If YOU know another human who lives in the vicinity of the geographical c of that that they call the Bay A R E A, which IS within the region of the state confines of the great state of California, which is part of the United States Of Amigos, ahem, Amerikas.

What i mean to say is that if you know anyone who may fit that bill, errr that location trend, then please for the simple love of laughter pass them this info about Simple Matters.

Now if you reside within this Area known as The BAY A R E A, then for the love of FREEDOM, COME WITNESS THIS SHOW!

No no it's more that a show it's...

But not like any theater that you think you know.

Simple matters is one of my favorite shows that I have had the great pleasure of working with. The reason being, because it is absolutely fucking hilarious, quite possibly, a really big mabbe it very well could be one of the funniest things YOU could see right now, anywhere, in this crazy waked out world. And I should know, casue I, well cause I''m Tyler... and I'm from everywhere. And I know what funny is, cause i have been places and seen things, lots and lots of things that "they" call art and theater and what not and and and LOL... HAHA... Dammit I know what funny is I TELL YOU!


Just trust me, on this one ok! And... Tell your mother tell your kids Tell your father tell your friends tell your family tell anyone you mighta sorta know Simple Matters this Friday and Saturday ONLY in San FranCisco!

THAT'S RIGHT EVERYONE. IT'S TIME, once again, to LAUGH OUT LOUD TILL YOU ARE SORE WITH DELIGHT AND WONDER. YES, The rumor's are true about this show, and those that tasted it's elixir will be back again for another dose. Don't miss another chance to see this rare breed of refined absurdity.

"Without red noses, five clowns from four countries take you on a journey through the miraculous unraveling of everyday life, dancing on the ridge between the absurdity of our current reality and a really good time!"

WHO - Noah Veil, Vladimir Levitansky, Martina Oskarsson, Kate Gibson, Eleni Zaharopoulos

WHEN- friday JUNE 26th 8:30 pm -- sat JUNE 27th 8:30 pm


HOW httlp://brownpapertickets.com for only $10!
just search SIMPLE MATTERS and select which night you want to go
At the door tickets will be $15


thank you and good laugh,
Tyler Hanson


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