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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The First Viral Video... This was in response to a post on Olive Studios

SOUND OFF: Best Viral Video-
We want to know what is your favorite viral video from the web over the past decade... lots to choose from so give us the best!!! Sound Off in the Comments!!!!!

So I wrote -
This Decade! Well I will first start off with a soft lob from the
present with the quit possibly the most amazing fan movie of all
time- http://www.thehuntforgollum.com/ Pst... it's 40 minutes long

next on my list, I will go way back in time- 8 years ago, 4 years
before youtube was begging to become a house hold name -and throw this
gem in "The 405 Movie" from way back in the cyber cave age of 2001

BTW - "this exciting three minute drama, produced by Bruce Branit and
Jeremy Hunt, had everyone’s attention for a while. Since then Bruce
has worked as a digital artist on productions such as the hit show
Lost, the remake of King Kong and many others. He now has his own
high-end computer graphics and visual effects company, Branit|VFX.
Jeremy has done visual effects for Showtime’s hit Weeds and movies
Marley and Me and The X-Files. He owns a small visual effects studio
by the charming name of Screaming Death Monkey." so says-

But we really have to go back to prehistoric inter web days to get to
one of the first "VIRAL VIDEOS" , way back to 1992- when 2 guys named
Trey Parker and Matter Stone had just met @ the University of
Colorado, and made this little beauty - Forsty Vs Jesus Oh hell ya
this is good

IT was that film that caught the eye of FOX executive Brian Graden who
saw the film and in 1995 commissioned Parker and Stone to create a
second short film that he could email to his friends as a video
Christmas card. What a concept in 1995! Graden paid Stone and Parker
$2,000 grand, of which they spent $750 on the animation and kept the
rest for beer funds. The short anima is called "Santa vs Jesus" and
is arguably the first "viral video" on the world wide web. And was a
little bit of a chore to actually find on yourtube-

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